Afternoon Express is a lifestyle show hosted by the reigning queen of South African television, Jeannie D, along with seasoned actress and author, Bonnie Mbuli. The Afternoon Express team welcomed one of the Presenter Search on 3 winner, Danilo Acquisto to the family in June 2015. Executive producer, Bradley van den Berg, explained Afternoon Express’s fresh approach saying, “The show will give viewers an opportunity to interact and engage daily, gaining many ideas from cooking, fashion, well-being and finance - inspiring viewers to take the courage, try something new and become their best selves.”  
The wonder women hosts are proud of the show they will be representing as well as combining their collective star power.  "I'm very excited to be part of this experience and to be doing a new show with my Top Billing family. This is a winning formula that keeps growing and growing,” stated an excited Jeannie who is looking forward to taking on daily live broadcasts.  As for Bonang, she’s equally thrilled about the prospects of this new venture saying, “I am really excited to be stepping into a new terrain with SABC 3 and the opportunity to co-host with Jeannie D and Bonnie. We can promise you, it’s going to be daytime television like never before.”