Hayden Quinn South Africa

Surfer, marine biologist, WWF ambassador and celebrity foodie Hayden Quinn, of Australian Master Chef fame, journeys from coast to coast across South Africa stopping to discover local flavours, participate in thrilling action adventures and follow the journey of food from farm to fork.

Duration: 30 mins
Channel: S3, Foxtel


hayden quinn South Africa

Get a different taste for South Africa through celebrity cook, Hayden Quinn’s culinary adventures.

Let Hayden inspire you with his passion for food as he explores local cultures and cuisines in the search for great Mzansi tastes.  Hayden’s unique and perpetually optimistic outlook gives South Africans an outsider’s perspective on the beautiful and diverse country.  The series sees WWF-SASSI Ambassador Hayden visiting the top food producers and conservation initiatives around the country – with a special focus on sustainability, environmental awareness and animal welfare. He finds that not only are responsibly farmed flora and fauna full of flavour but also healthier for both us and the planet. Hayden travels around the country finding adventure, and learning about unique local dishes at each destination. Local cooks, chefs and foodies share their recipes with him and together they prepare a myriad of local-is-lekker dishes and acquaint him with the melting pot of the South African palette.

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